Netapp Escalation Engineer in Boulder, Colorado

Are you data-driven* We at NetApp believe in the transformative power of data to expand customer touchpoints, to foster greater innovation, and tooptimize operations. We are designed for simplicity, optimized toprotect, created to embrace future opportunity, and open to enrich choice. We are the data authority for hybrid cloud, and we are helping ourcustomers realize the full potential of their data. We ve built a Data Fabric for a data-driven world to simplify andintegrate data management across the resources that are best for the business. With the Data Fabric, our customers can harness the power of cloud dataservices, build cloud infrastructures, and modernize storage through datamanagement. By harnessing the power of hybrid cloud data services, customers gainthe freedom of choice to securely manage and move data anywhere, on anycloud. Only NetApp can help organizations deliver data-rich customerexperiences when they rapidly test and deploy new applications that easily usedata and services regardless of where they reside or in what form. Job Summary As an Escalation Engineer you provide engineering support to customers,customer support personnel, and field support staff that is focused ondiagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging NetApp products. Yourespond to situations where first-line product support has failed to isolateor fix problems in hardware or software products, and you ensure delivery ofoptimal results. You must be a take charge professional, with demonstratedtechnical problem solving skills; a technical team leader and a subjectmatter expert; and have a strong customer service orientation and experience.Essential Functions: * Respond to situations where NetApp product support has been unable tosolve customer s technical issues. * Provide a high level of proactive and reactive services by buildingrelationships with the customer to best serve their needs. * Work collaboratively with customers in potentially stressfulsituations, while providing professional and courteous technical expertise. * Work with customer and other NetApp technical teams to definetechnical problems, determine solutions and assist customers in implementingthe fix. * Provide technical feedback to engineering concerning product changesand enhancements; or design, reliability, maintenance problems, orbugs. Work with development engineering to enhance product features based oncustomer issues * May be called on-site to assist in complex technical solutionsrequiring changes to core functionality, and systems operation. * May be involved in customer installation and training. * Create tests, tools, and diagnostic procedures for use by productsupport personnel. * May quality check technical product documentation. * Represent NetApp in support meetings with the customers. * Create documentation and post-mortem analyses of escalations. Job Requirements Requirements: * Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills. * Demonstrated excellent customer service experience working withcustomers in high stress situations on complex problems. * SolidFire hardware and software experience. * In-depth knowledge of: * UNIX configuration, administration and technical support. * iSCSI configuration and troubleshooting * Network architectures including the roles of routers, and switches * Virtualization technologies such as ESX * Strong understanding of: * Fiber Channel HBA configuration and troubleshooting * OpenStack, CloudStack, Hyper-V virtualization technologies * Hyper Converged technologies * Performance troubleshooting * Case and Escalation management * Strong aptitude for learning new technologies and understanding how toutilize them in a customer facing environment. * At least three years of experience with SolidFire storage systems. * Ability to follow standard en