Google Quantitative User Researcher in Boulder, Colorado

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Statistics, Psychology, related field or equivalent practical experience.
  • 4 years of experience in an applied quantitative research setting or equivalent.
  • Experience with SQL and a programming language commonly used for data manipulation and computational statistics (e.g., Python, R, MATLAB, C++, Java, or Go).
  • Experience in data analysis with data sets.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master's degree or PhD in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Statistics, or a related field.
  • 5 years of experience with User Research teams.
  • Experience in programming computational and statistical algorithms for large data sets.
  • Experience in multivariate statistics and the design of experiments.
  • Experience with customer support for technology products.
  • Ability to develop research questions within a given domain, and technical tools for the analysis of data within that field.

At gTech’s Users and Products team (gUP), our mission is to help users get the most out of Google. We represent the voice of Google's users and many of our partners globally, sharing insights with the larger Google organization to enable exceptional customer and product experiences.

gUP builds innovative solutions that take user experience and engagement with Google to the next level, supporting users across products, countries, cultures, incomes, and identities. We advocate for users through partnerships with product areas at Google (and some Alphabet businesses), supporting Google’s consumer products ecosystem and enabling numerous launches for Google’s consumer products each year.

We are committed to building an ever more diverse, equitable, and inclusive gUP, and consider this the foundation upon which individual, team, and user success are built. We're also committed to innovation not only in the content of our work, but in the way we work. Check out this blog poston our Chameleon program.

Excellent support is an integral part of what makes Google products great. You will be working to help us understand who our users are and how we can provide the best possible support experience for all of the Google consumer products: from Search and Chrome to the Play Store and Gmail. In addition, you will work as part of team that offers on-demand research capability to a wide range of other UX organizations at Google.

As a Quantitative User Researcher, you’ll combine skills in experimental design, statistical analysis, and programming to understand our users and improve their experiences. You’ll solve challenging problems and empower the team to move forward by developing metrics, measuring results, and integrating new methodologies into existing systems. Through reports and team engagement, you will provide a UX perspective on quantitative data to help stakeholders understand their users. You’ll also identify and quantify problems, and embark on new research areas worth exploring through innovative methods.

In this role, you will apply data science to solve challenges and understanding users and their experiences. You will produce comprehensive insights by understanding user needs and collaborating closely with qualitative user researchers. Additionally, you work across all of Google’s products and its diverse groups of users, conducting foundational research rather than a long-term detailed studies of a single product or interface. Lastly, you will be an advocate of better and more effective support for all of our users.

Google creates products and services that make the world a better place, and gTech’s role is to help bring them to life. Our teams of solution-oriented trusted advisors support millions of customers globally. Our solutions are rooted in our technical skill, product expertise, and a thorough understanding of our customers’ complex needs. Whether the answer is a bespoke solution to solve a unique problem, or a new tool that can scale across Google, everything we do aims to ensure our customers benefit from the full potential of Google products.

To learn more about gTech, check out our video.

  • Identify and define key user research areas by working with multiple cross-functional teams, across product lines.
  • Design and execute research plans to help answer who, why, and how users use Google products.
  • Analyze user behavioral data from a range of sources at Google as well as results of surveys and studies.
  • Work closely with qualitative UX research counterparts to present findings to stakeholders and executives.