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University Corp. For Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Software Engineer I/II in Boulder, Colorado

Application Deadline: Review of applicants will begin on November 30,2020. All applications received by that date will be given full consideration.Application will be open until the position is filled.Term: This is a 3-year term position with possible extension.Relocation: Partial relocation assistance is available for this position.Work Authorization: UCAR/NCAR will support a work visa to fill this position.Where You Will Work:Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory () is part of the National Centerfor Atmospheric Research().Its mission is to:1. Discover the key processes in each component of the Earth's climatesystem and the interactions among them;2. Represent this understanding in models and thereby provide a basis forprediction of climate; and3. Apply this understanding and these models to scientific problems ofsocietal relevance.What You Will Do:Supports the development and maintenance of the Community Atmosphere Model(CAM) and the Community Earth System Model ( CESM). Provides softwareengineering support to aid implementation of new science, maintenance oftesting frameworks, and development of new infrastructure. Contributes codechanges and upgrades in support of the CESM and Community Atmosphere Model(CAM) Atmosphere Model Working Group (AWMG) community developmentactivities and science goals. Coordinates activities as a joint appointment inthe Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Atmospheric Modeling andPredictability (AMP) section and the Computing and Software EngineeringGroup (Responsibilities:Science DevelopmentsProvides software engineering support for implementing new sciencecapabilities in CAM. Works closely with internal NCAR and external AMWGscientists to provide and guide optimal software design, implementation andtesting of scientific code. This includes help with Fortran codingstandards, integration, and optimization using standard performance tools.Liaises with developers of external components of the CAM code components suchas the Cloud Layer Unifies By Binormals (CLUBB) and Rapid RadiationTransfer Scheme (RRTM) schemes. More generally coordinates with AMPscientists to plan for science improvements and implement code changes thatare aligned with the future science direction AMWG. Supports the science andinfrastructure requirements for the CAM7 effort and associated activities thatmay extend across NCAR laboratories.Code Testing and OptimizationMaintains testing infrastructure specific to CAM. Develops and implements newunit testing and compset-based configuration testing where needed. Ensuresefficient and accurate integration of the CAM code base on a variety ofcomputing architectures. Assists AMWG community in the optimization of code,where resources allow. Works closely with scientists to develop testsappropriate to the scientific code being implemented. Supports control scriptsassociated with configuration (compset) selection (resolution, timeperiod, component models) in a variety of languages (python, shell, xml).CAM Infrastructure ImprovementsProvides software engineering support for the design, implementation andtesting of new or improved CAM infrastructure. Utilizes git and GitHub controlcode curation and helps to support code bases that are modular, extensibleand easily maintainable. Assists in the planning and implementation of majorinfrastructure changes required for the upcoming transition to the larger NCARSystem for Modeling the Atmosphere (SIMA) project. Helps to ensure CAM'soptimal interoperability with other CESM components, especially the CommonInfrastructure for Modeling the Earth (CIME). Collaborates with the CESMSoftware Engineering Group (CSEG) on issues relating to interoperabilityand cross-model development.What You Need:Education and Years of ExperienceBachelor's degree in computer science or physical science (SE I) ordegree plus four to eight years' experience (SE II) within atmosphericmodeling or climate modeling, or an equivalent combination of education andexpKnowledge, Skills, a