Solution Tree K-12 Educational Researcher in Centennial, Colorado

Job Descriptions:

Marzano Research in Centennial, Colorado, seeks a full-time researcher to support and lead, with supervision, different aspects of research and evaluation studies, including recruitment, data collection and management, and analyses and report writing.

For consideration, please submit cover letter and resume to by October 15, 2018. EOE.

Required Experience:

Responsibilities include working with teams to design and implement research and evaluation projects that involve, for example, conducting data collection activities, performing core analytic and statistical procedures, and assembling and managing datasets. This position works closely with senior researchers to plan research, conduct studies, and develop reports to summarize findings for a variety of audiences.

The ideal candidate has a MA in education, public policy, applied social sciences or related field, or ABD (all but dissertation) status in a doctoral program in education, public policy, applied social sciences, or related field, and three years of demonstrated experience conducting and contributing to research projects.

Keyword: K-12 Educational Researcher

From: Solution Tree, Inc.