Donatech Software Engineer / GPS Subject Matter Expert in Centennial, Colorado

Job Description

Job Description: Software Engineer / GPS Subject Matter Expert Support the development, integration, verification and validation of a GPS blended navigation embedded flight software capability for Interim Cryogenic Propulsive Stage (ICPS) and Space Test Program-3 (STP-3) missions. Verification and validation is performed in a non-real-time scientific simulation as well as a real-time hardware-in-the-loop testbed. Testbed includes real-time trajectory simulation, Sprient (GPS constellation simulation), GPS receiver and flight computer. Experience with Matlab, hardware-in-the-loop simulations, GPS navigation and Kalman filtering are required.

Work scope will include the review of the algorithm design and implementation, review of the hardware-in-the-loop testbed architecture and test results, and then provide recommendations on how to improve overall system performance

Job #: 18-02274

Location: Centennial, CO