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Akahi Associates LLC Data Analyst in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Data AnalystLocation: Colorado Springs, COWork Schedule: Works Monday through Friday. Shifts may be 8 to 10 hours perday, but will not go over 40 hours a week. Duties will need to be performedat the MTF during core MTF hours (0700-1700).SUMMARY: Data Analyst within the Colorado Military Health System (CMHS)Office and crosses a number of functional boundaries. Supports the CMHSOffice, which is designed to optimize clinical performance and improve theuniformity and standardization of clinical workload throughout the hospital.The position focused on productivity, access, workflow assessment,evaluation and optimization of clinical processes and the coordination ofworkload generated data.1.0. DUTIES:1.1. Identifies the need for analyses, reports, statistical workloaddata, and decision papers; researches opportunities for market level,community-wide efficiency improvements for the entire Colorado Springs market.Conducts market research on various healthcare product lines, assessingmarket trends and market leaders.1.2. Leads, plans, and executes analyses of identified projects by usingdata mining and analysis techniques, operational research, and otherinformation retrieval processes. Data mines financial, clinical, andutilization data records from various medical information systems, includingManagement and Analysis Tool (M2), Expense Assignment System(EAS-IV), Composite Health Care System (CHCS), and other datarepositories to conduct business case analyses. Regularly attends briefs threeMedical Group Commanders and their executive Staffs.1.3. Analyzes medical data from multiple sources and converts data intoinformation that reports clinical, operational and financial positions,trends, and projections. This task requires high level critical thinkingskills to glean information necessary to help envision, design and developnew initiatives to enhance market efficiency, cost-effectiveness, andoperational capabilities.1.4. Functions as a team member for quality improvement and the implementationof new procedures or process. Tracks and routinely monitors performancemetrics.1.5. Manages a series of in-house inherited and contracted databases andtracking systems to assess medical mission requirements. Develops and operatescomplex computerized spreadsheets and relational databases and providesassociated training, monitoring and data extraction to all users.1.6. Operates in a team environment with numerous short-notice suspensesrequiring flexibility, maturity, and diplomacy. Professionalism and apositive, cooperative attitude toward accomplishing goals is essential.Completes tasks within established suspenses, and immediately informs thegovernment when it is discovered or believed that a suspense or milestonecannot be met.1.7. Lead Data Analyst for the annual Tri-Service Business Planning cycle.Facilitates all data analyst communications between three MTFs for all aspectsof market-level business planningdevelopment, including providing technical support, and buildingpresentations to senior DoD leadership.1.8. Develops presentations, handouts, workbooks, etc. in printed andelectronic format using standard office automation software. Develops userguides and training materials for database and report users. Trains MSMO andMTF personnel on procedures and techniques related to various systemprocesses.1.9. Government Data Rights. The Government shall retain rights in technicaldata, training material, other documentation or software developed by theContractor while in direct support of this contract.1.10. Training and Education: Contractor personnel shall attend allGovernment-provided orientation and training necessary to perform duties(for example, CHCS, M2, CMS training, etc.).2.0. Travel:2.1. Local Travel. Duties will ordinarily be performed in the CMHS Office,but occasional travel within the Colorado Springs metropolitan area (toinclude the USAF Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, and SchrieverAFB) will be required. Transportation and local trav