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LinQuest Information Assurance Security Architect Engineer (IASAE), # in Colorado Springs, Colorado

DescriptionLinQuest Corporation is seeking an Information Assurance Security ArchitectEngineer (IASAE) to join our team at Peterson AFB,O. The team is ahigh-performance team supporting the 21st Space Wing. The ideal candidate willhave 10+ years' experience in the cyber arena and current knowledge of21st Space Wing weapon systems and Department of Defense Defensive CyberOperations tools and requirements. The Wing requires support to lead thedevelopment of Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) requirements for theirsystems to establish a DCO baseline. As DCO software/hardware areacquired, this candidate will assist in supporting training, developmentof TTPs etc., as DCO operations mature. You will serve as the DefensiveCyber Operations (DCO) SME to the 21 OG Technical Director (21OG/TD) and assist and advise on aspects of 21 OG's key cyber terrainacross all mission systems, providing support to cyber architectureanalysis, establishment of Mission Defense Teams (MDT), providerecommendations on cyber defense tool integration, and assist withimplementation, tuning, and introduction of MDT's to the applicationsand use oDefensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Support: The employee will act as theDCO SME to the 21 OG/Technical Director (TD). The employee will assistand advise on aspects of 21 OG's key cyber terrain across all missionsystems, providing support to cyber architecture analysis, establishmentof Mission Defense Teams (MDT), provide recommendations on cyber defensetool integration, and assist with implementation, tuning, andintroduction of MDT's to the applications and use of the tools. The employeewill assist in integrating and optimizing the MDT-Toolkit, as needed.Optimization shall include activities to enhance the defensive cybercapabilities on the weapon system and to secure the MDT-TK itself.The employee should possess current knowledge/experience, familiarity withSpace Ground Systems, and experience with the Air Force customer and have abackground in System Administration, Network Administration, and/orCyber Engineering. The employee will use familiarity with the operationalenvironment, cyber tools, and administration to monitor numerous toolswith intent to advise the Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Mission Teamsof anomalies, issues or concerns. The employee will understand potentialthreats and filter log noise created by the applications and data flows.Responsibilities:Daily Operations once DCO architecture is established and operational: Theemployee will maintain integrity and security of enterprise-wide cyber systemsand networks by performing the following functions:Ensure that the cybersecurity architecture and design of the customer'ssystems shall be functional and secure with the ability to detect and respondto Cyber eventsCoordinate resources during enterprise incident response effortsMonitor, analyze, and detect cyber events for DCO situational awareness,attack sensing and warning to include incident reporting/response .and. analysisDefine system security requirements, assesses system security architecturedesigns, and support the development and sustainment of an enterprise levelRisk Management Framework (RMF) programSupport cybersecurity activities for space, ground, operations,logistics, and sustainment elements of the enterprise by identifyingrisks, issues, and interdependencies between system elements, contractsand stakeholdersDevelop Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP's) to monitor,identify, respond, and protect the systems from cyber-attacksPerform network traffic analysis as it pertains to the cyber security ofcommunications networksTechnical Services: The employee will provide technical services in supportof Defensive Cyber Operations for the 21 SW Mission Systems as described inthe following areas:Execute and evolve Government-approved enterprise Cybersecurity programs inaccordance with (IAW) D0DI 8510.01 and DoDD 8140.01 Cyberspace WorkforceManagementPerform all Level 1-3 Cybersecurity System Architect a