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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group Strategic Advisor, HQ Space Operations Command (S3)* in Colorado Springs, Colorado

DescriptionTitle: HQ Space Operations Command Awareness Strategic AdvisorJob Location: Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, COOdyssey Systems has an exciting new opportunity for a Strategic Advisorsupporting Headquarters Space Operations Command (HQ SpOC) as a member ofthe Director's Strategic Cell (DSC). The DSC supports the Director byperforming strategic planning and policy development/implementation at thedirectorate/organizational level and other high priority strategic planninginitiatives as assigned by higher headquarters. This includes, but is notlimited to, performing functional assessments and creating and assessingassociated organizational concepts in support of the standup of the UnitedStates Space Force and subordinate commands. The DSC supports the Directorwith the creation of new visions and associated messaging for the organizationas well as cross-cutting concepts for improving keydirectorate/organizational functions. The DSC also supports the Directorwith higher headquarters workflow management/taskers.Job Responsibilities:The Strategic Adviser will support strategic planning and policydevelopment/implementation at the directorate/organizational level andother high priority strategic planning initiatives as assigned by higherheadquarters. This includes, but is not limited to, performing functionalassessments and creating and assessing associated organizational concepts insupport of the standup of the United States Space Force and subordinatecommands. The DSC supports the Director with the creation of new visions andassociated messaging for the organization as well as cross-cutting conceptsfor improving key directorate/organizational functions. The DSC alsosupports the Director with higher headquarters workflow management/taskers.Duties include, but are not limited to:Provide strategic planning, projection, and coordination, includingdeveloping, facilitating, and coordinating executive-level strategicbriefings, messages (PA/Media), reports, analyses, and special projectsProvide management and integration of the US Space Force enterprise byproviding information, advice, and recommendations for the effectivealignment of key HQ Space Operations Command (SpOC) functions across theUS Space Force Staff and Field CommandsSupport the US Space Force in strategic planning and messaging efforts byproviding engineering, technical, architecture, and acquisition supportto government decisions and defining/describing how those decisions impactthe vision, mission, goals, commitments, and initiatives (referredto as the Strategic Plan) of the programDevelop, publish, garner Government approval, and maintain the US SpaceForce Strategic PlanProvide assessments of future system architecture alternatives and analyze andrecommend processes and methodology improvements to enhance the Strategic PlanAnalyze and review information ensuring the message is consistent and supportsor reinforces the Director's mission, vision, and goalsGather, validate, develop, and fact-check information from a wide rangeof sourcesIdentify, support, and manage inter-organizational collaborations;support the Government by making recommendations to the Government onmanagement processes during development, improvements, and optimization ofthe Division's efforts across the USSF, DoD, and Intelligence Community (IC)Communicate proactively and effectively across internal and externalorganizations to identify and implement critical solutions, identify,mitigate and resolve inter-organizational challenges while respecting andsupporting differing organizational points of view, agendas, and equitiesInterface with industry, FFRDCs, and other DoD and IC stakeholders tobring state-of-the-art capabilities into the SDA environment and providetechnical leadership to evaluate those capabilitiesDevelop, analyze, review and provide recommendations to Governmentrequirements, proposed solutions, potential execution activitiesResearch and engage as an analyst providing posi