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Georgia- Pacific Data Scientist - Utility Analytics in Denver, Colorado

DescriptionSentient Energy - a Koch Engineered Solutions company- is looking for DataScientists with specialization in utility analytics to fulfill its newlycreated full-time positions within the Data Science and Analytics team. TheData Science and Analytics team is responsible for characterizing,modeling, and predicting the evolving behavior and performance of smartelectric utility systems through synergistic utilization of smart grid datacoupled with the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and power systemfirst principles. With the projected increase in utility IoT deployments andgrid modernization programs, the amount of operational and non-operationaldata is exploding. Deriving business value from these investments requiresboth small data and big data pipelines and applications to effectivelyingest, store, and analyze millions of daily raw data points thatultimately lead to transformative business outcomes.Individuals in these roles are expected to work within the Data Science andAnalytics team to develop and maintain signal processing and machine learningmodels and pipelines based on best practices that allow for characterizationand analysis of smart grid behavior and its components during steady-state,dynamic, and transient conditions. This position will support scenarioanalysis and digital modeling of the grid that ultimately help create adigital twin of a target system and its components. The Data Science andAnalytics team harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and domain-basededge and cloud analytics to help solve previously unsolvable digital gridproblems, making the world a better place -one algorithm at a time! Oursolutions help our customers streamline operations, enhance systemreliability, increase safety, enable DER integration, and acceleratebusiness outcomes from grid digitalization initiatives. This position offers a unique and exciting opportunity to advance the stateof the art in utility analytics by working with real and simulated field datafrom intelligent sensors and operational systems in the rapidly developing andhighly visible electric utility space within the Green Energy sector. Theinnovation and creativity with which we develop and implement utilitysolutions are among the distinctions that make Sentient Energy - a KochEngineered Solutions Company- a leader in Distribution Network sensing andanalytics.This role is open to remote/ work from home candidates with preference tosit in Santa Clara, CA, Frisco, TX, New York City, NY, Denver,CO, Wichita, KS, or Tulsa, OK. What You Will Do In Your RoleBuild and maintain machine learning models and embedded algorithms of variousfidelity to characterize and predict power grid behavior during steadystate, dynamic, and transient conditions with and without distributedenergy resources (DERs).Setup and optimize appropriate data processing pipelines based on bestpractices in data science that allow for quick testing of various hypothesisat-scale with millions of growing records available from field devices.Support the Analytics team with thought-provoking ideas and broader analyticsknow-how from adjacent verticalsAssist product engineering teams with validation and verification ofend-to-end sensor system performance.Help analyze grid events and failure signatures to create a complete pictureof an outage or disturbance.Contribute to utility analytics partnership initiatives and roadmapdevelopmentContribute to intellectual property development and company representations intechnical conferences and trade showsContribute to 3rd party funded RandD programs and initiativesPublish internal reports and external articles and white papers to showcasecompany success and maintain industry thought leadership The Experience You Will BringRequirements:Master's Degree2+ years of experience in a Data Science position2+ years experience with statistical modeling, time-series analysis, andprograming tools for data science (R, Python, Matlab, etc.) andfamiliarity