SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Systems DevOPs/Azure Engineer in Denver, Colorado

Job Descriptions:

The right candidate will have, demonstrable on the resume, at least three years' experience working as a Change Management / DevOps Engineer. You must be familiar with containerization tools (Docker, OpenShift, or Kubernetes), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) (AWS, Cloud Foundry, or Azure), and virtualization technologies (VMWare, HyperV, vSphere, Xen). You must be familiar with continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Maven, or TravisCI) and automation frameworks and CM (Puppet, Chef, or Salt).

We want people who want to be a part of designing the next generation of:

  • Modern Software Application Platforms

  • Mobile Applications

  • Cognitive Science based Software solutions

  • Large Scale Data Acquisition

  • Analysis and Archival

We have a world class team of highly talented and motivated software development, DevOps, and Quality Assurance engineers. If you are looking for a career where you can utilize your skills and be part of a team designing the next 'insanely great' software solutions with a company that will have a direct impact on the larger society, you need look no further. What we do

Since 2003, SCRAM Systems has been creating technologies that make a difference in the lives of offenders, their families, and their communities. Like many of the great technologies that impact our world today, our flagship product was invented in the garage of a forward-thinking engineer. Since those humble beginnings, SCRAM Systems has evolved into a major player in the corrections technology industry. Our 25% growth rate is sustained by focusing on software as our key differentiator. How will you contribute?

  • Use system automation technologies such as powershell, chef, puppet, Salt or other related tools to create standardized IT environments

  • Manage development repositories

  • Manage Cloud resources to optimize ROI

  • Build a platform that allows developers to self-service environments for testing and production, including deployments to these environments, and provides metrics to interested parties

  • Provide self-provisioning environments to enable integration testing, stress testing and load testing

  • Implements repeatable processes within an Agile development environment for software build and deployment, internally and externally, and with local and international environments

  • Supports the build and release process including management of environments for the development organization

  • Maintain release branches

  • Improves the efficiency and scalability of the build process and environments on a continuous basis

  • Maintain documentation describing SCM processes and system requirements for all build systems

  • Assist developers with development issues related to CM tool use

  • Participate as a team member in design, review, and planning meetings

  • Work as part of a team to develop optimal solutions that meet customer and business needs

  • Support testing, deployment, and monitoring of applications

  • Work closely with cross-departmental teams, specifically IT/Network Operations, to deploy and support hosted production applications to achieve company goals

  • Work in a cross-functional team where everyone has a stake in supporting each other’s work.

  • Keep current on relevant technologies and practices, while continuing to search for the next emerging solution.

  • Perform additional project work as assigned

What will your day look like?

  • Work closely with GIT tools in a production environment

  • Perform software builds and releases

  • Structure and maintain the software configuration management system

  • Automate software build and deployment process, and monitoring

  • Automate software testing at multiple levels (component, configuration item, subsystem, system) and monitor results

  • Monitor site stability, performance, and troubleshoot site issues

  • Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand

  • Collaborate with developers to bring new features and services into production

  • Provide support to development teams that use the automated infrastructure

  • Develop and improve operational practices and procedures

  • Promote and implement best security practices

What do you need to know to be successful?

  • 3 or more years of DevOps/Configuration Management experience

  • Azure DevOps experience (preferred)

  • Strong background in Azure monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics, including Application Insights, Log Analytics, Network Monitoring, Service Health, and dashboards

  • Strong knowledge of Visual Studio Team Services

  • Understanding of Infrastructure as Code Principles using Chef (preferred)

  • Knowledge of CSS and JavaScript bundling and minification methodologies

  • Knowledge of IIS7 administration and application deployment

  • Knowledge in software versioning and packaging

  • Required proficiency in utilizing C#, Windows Workflow,, WCF, XML, SQL Server, and SSRS

  • Experience with supporting hybrid and fully Cloud-based infrastructure and working with hosting providers to support releases, patches, network connectivity, and high availability

  • Experience with Cloud Service Providers (CSP), including AWS, Cloud Foundry, or Azure

  • Experience with containerization tools including Docker, OpenShift, or Kubernetes

  • Experience with virtualization technologies such as VMWare, HyperV, vSphere, Xen.

  • Experience with scripting languages (python, PowerShell, bash)

  • Experience with systems and network performance tuning, capacity planning, backup and recovery, system architecture and designs as well as high availability concepts

  • Experience with automation frameworks and CM using either Puppet, Chef, Salt, or equivalent

  • Experience with continuous integration tools and platforms, including Jenkins, Maven, or TravisCI

  • Strong understanding of networking, security, and web application servers

  • Experience working with development teams to develop and maintain configuration baselines (development, test, stage, production) supporting complex systems

  • Experience building and deploying enterprise web applications using Microsoft technologies

  • Experience with Visual Studio 2015 or higher

  • Experience with NoSQL databases, including MongoDB

  • Experience with Cloud PaaS technologies and offerings

  • Strong communication skills - both written and oral. Comfortable communicating cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal setting

  • Bachelor’s Degree in MIS, Computer Science or related field or equivalent technical/vocational certification or experience

  • Microsoft certification is a plus


  • Bachelor’s Degree in MIS, Computer Science or related field or equivalent technical/vocational certification or experience

  • Microsoft certification is a plus

What other general technologies are being explored at SCRAM Systems?

  • Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning based Big Data solutions

What can you bring to impact team results?

Bring your Can-Do Attitude, Share Knowledge, be Solution Oriented! We offer great benefits!

ü Casual dress environment

ü Flexible Working Hours

ü Health Benefits

ü Competitive salaries with an annual review

ü Comfortable workspace that allows creativity and productivity

ü Generous paid holidays and leave time

ü Stocked kitchens with healthy options, coffee, beverages, snacks

ü Company activities (golf league, volunteer opportunities, summer picnics, movie night, barbeques, team building outings, chili cook off competitions, Take your Children to Work Day, etc)

ü Training and Education benefits

*Access to Light Rail and Bus system


Required Experience:

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Keyword: WCF,XML,SQL Server, Cloud Foundry, Azure, containerization tools,virtulatization technologies, HyperV, VMWare,vSphere, Xen, CI, Jenkins, Maven TravisCI,Visual Studiko

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