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Goodwill Of Colorado Liaison I, Job Developer in Denver, Colorado

DescriptionPosition DescriptionOBJECTIVE:To assist in the development of work sites and oversee program participantsentering employment experience programs in order for program participants togain employment. To monitor the delivery of services and the progress of theparticipant through the program. To develop work program sites and maintainthem to provide optimal employment experience opportunities in varied jobfields that will benefit participants. Provide instruction in job readinessclasses and other classes as needed to assist participants in gaining andmaintaining employment.QUALIFICATIONS:Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. Minimum twoyears work experience in the same or related field.It is preferred that the incumbent have excellent written and verbalcommunication skills and demonstrate the ability to interact with varioustypes of internal and external customers in a culturally respectful andappropriate manner. It is also preferred that the incumbent have anunderstanding of the needs and capabilities of Child Support Servicesparticipants, as well as knowledge of the culture of poverty. The positionalso requires the ability to work independently, to be resourceful andcreative in order to match participants with the appropriate and beneficialemployment experience to best serve program participants and to reach contractoutcomes. The incumbent must have the ability to work independently,cooperatively and exercise effective planning while remaining flexible anddeal with the pressure of deadlines effectively. The Job Developer must beable to motivate clients and utilize effective negotiating and counselingtechniques. The incumbent must also develop amicable and productiverelationship with referred families and a variety of participant employmentsites, the Department of Human Services and Goodwill staff. Must establishand maintain a rapport with participants. Maintain accurate records,demonstrated sound computer skills required. The incumbent must also conductself in a professional manner and maintain a professional appearance thatenhances the firm's reputation. The Job Developer must have experiencespeaking effectively to various small groups in a presenting/informativerole. Must possess computer skills, position requires sitting for extendedperiods and using a computer keyboard for a minimum of four hours each day.The incumbent will be expected to maintain confidentiality regarding agencyand client records and information.Overtime and/or weekend hours may be required when necessary as well as sometravel to attend meetings and required training.KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS:Site Development/MaintenanceThe Job Developer will assist in developing and managing a variety ofnot-for-profit and for profit work sites for participants to complete theirrequired work hours and gain employment experience. The incumbent will workcross functionally with transitional jobs and other work programs to developand evolve stable and suitable sites for all work programs for CSSparticipants. In addition, the incumbent will complete and maintain allpaperwork for sites and monitor clients' progress/attendance in order toprovide data and feedback to Employment Specialists on a timely basis.Client/Program Tracking and ReportingThe Job Developer will maintain complete and accurate records and statisticaldata as required, will monitor individual client participation and keep allworkers informed of their clients' progress as well as any changes. Theincumbent will keep complete and accurate records and statistics on allparticipants for outcomes to be completed monthly. The incumbent will keepup-to-date on all Federal State rules and regulations for work programs,County policies and procedures, directives, systems, forms and availableprofessional material pertaining to and applicable to this position. Theincumbent will also compile and report statistical and various outcomes to theManager, maintain operational proficiency o