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Slack Technologies Inc. Manager, Platform Support in Denver, Colorado

Manager, Platform SupportAt Slack, we consider Customer Experience essential to our success. We havea healthy roster of high-profile companies that rely on Slack for theirday-to-day communication, and we want to provide the best service possible.Our Customer Experience team's top priority is to make our customerssuccessful and ensure that their experience using Slack is a pleasant andproductive one.As a manager of support for the Slack Platform, you will lead a team oftalented individuals who support the users who build on our platform and thecustomers who use their tools.This is a demanding role that requires strong leadership, time management,and communication skills. Your team will look to you for guidance to help themreach their goals and grow in their careers. You will communicate openly andregularly with your team members about their performance, aspirations, andwell-being. Your exemplary character, passion, and understanding of whatit takes to provide our customers with the best experience possible will allowyou to encourage positive interactions with our users and inspire your team.Slack's platform is an important and growing part of our product andcompany, and supporting those who build on it is as critical as supportingthose who use it. Our Platform Support team works closely with both thePlatform and Developer Relations teams as user advocates and gives an internalvoice to our developer community. The person in this role is responsible forensuring that we provide the best service we possibly can.What You Will Be DoingYou will lead a team of 4 to 8 Support Agents across different offices andtimezones. It's up to you to ensure that all customers who use our platformreceive accurate and timely support.You will support and advocate personal and professional growth of everyone onyour team.You will lead by example, teach and help develop learning processes.You might work alongside the team, answering some support tickets andhelping developers build and thrive on our platform.You will work with your team to discuss, plan, and implement processimprovements.You will be an internal advocate with the Platform team for both end users ofour product and developers on our platform.You will gather data-driven insights and relay product insights from developersentiments and work with multiple cross-functional teams to deliver results.You will partner with our operations and product engineering teams to build,and enhance our tools and processes.What You Should HaveYou have solid leadership experience and an understanding of the dynamicsinvolved in team leadership.You have experience leading a technical team and oversaw their growth andperformance directly.You have a genuine interest in the happiness, well-being, and success ofeveryone on your team. You feel fulfilled when they are reaching their fullestpotential.You have experience with and an understanding of the different layers of theweb technology stack, and how they work together to make a functional webapplication. You are not intimidated by the technology.You are comfortable with at least one server-side scripting language.You care deeply about data and love deriving insights, showing stronganalytical experience.You are skilled at explaining technical problems succinctly and clearly.You have prior experience doing support for a web application and you know howto do it well. You know that every bit of work you do makes a real differencein making a user happy.You care deeply, genuinely and passionately about customer and developersupport and about the role it plays in making a customer-centric teamsuccessful.You are a strong, confident, and exacting writer.Bachelor's degree in Computer science or related field (or equivalentdegree and work experience)Slack is registered as an employer in many, but not all, states. If youare not located in or able to work from a state where Slack is registered,you will not be eligible for employment.Visa sponsorship may not be availablein certai