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FireEye Inc. Senior Security Researcher (Remote US) in Denver, Colorado

This is a remote job postingCompany DescriptionFireEye is the intelligence-led security company. Working as a seamless,scalable extension of customer security operations, FireEye offers a singleplatform that blends innovative security technologies, nation-state gradethreat intelligence, and world-renowned Mandiant consulting. With thisapproach, FireEye eliminates the complexity and burden of cyber security fororganizations struggling to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyberattacks. Learn more about FireEye's world-class solutions and globalfootprint at DescriptionDoes finding new intrusions give you goosebumps? Do you get juiced whenlearning and sharing info about new attacks with your peers, your clients,and with the world? Are you hungry to track threat actors, curate threatdata, work with a range of other teams, and most importantly, elevatethe discovery of new and interesting things to FireEye and to the public?Advanced Practices is finding net-new evil across all FireEye customers, andwe're looking for tenacious researchers who love the thrill of the hunt tojoin our team. As a Senior Security Researcher, you will be part of theAdvanced Practices team focused on reverse-engineering adversary tradecraftand operationalizing what we learn for the highest echelon of subversivethreatThe best candidate will be driven to discover new intrusion activity and findcreative ways to distil the voluminous threat data from our weak signals downto new and interesting findings for our clients. When we find new things, itis important to drive that knowledge into FireEye and, when possible, intothe public through blogs and contributions into other notable forums such aspublic threat analysis frameworks. We encourage giving back to the securitycommunity and strongly support sharing of expertise. Our team members areencouraged to author whitepapers, develop free tools, and speak atconferences as well.About Advanced Practices:FireEye's Advanced Practices team was created in 2015 to track and respondto the most difficult threats facing our clients and our own company. Our teamof experts work together to track, correlate, attribute, and detectattacker activity using advanced analysis and deep research into adversarymethods. Advanced Practices codifies and makes actionable the knowledge fromthousands of Mandiant incident response cases, Managed Defenseengagements, and all significant evil from over 6,000 global FireEyeproduct clIllumination. Advanced Practices shines light in the darkest corners to exposeand amplify complex adversary activity. We search for the nearly imperceptibletraces of attackers wherever we can find them, and we seek to surface theiractivity for action.Front-line Visibility. Our team of 25+ talented security researchers andthreat analysis professionals bring decades of experience investigatingintrusions, analyzing malware, and dissecting digital artifacts to deliverfront-line innovation in FireEye's products and services.Threat Discovery. Our goal is simple: to know the most about adversaries andmake this knowledge actionable. Advanced Practices enables early discovery andanalysis of adversary operations and their tradecraft so that our customersare protected.It's How that Works. Our team studies the world's most impactfulintrusions from the front-lines of FireEye Mandiant and Managed Defense tounderstand how apex attackers operate. Our focus on technical evidence and howour adversaries operate powers the engine that highlights who our adversariesaSurfacing the Unseen. You say hunting, we say . We look for unique featuresand common adversary methods across all intrusions and malware so we candevelop resilient monitoring, detection, and discovery of attackeractivity. We set proactive traps and develop threat signals to capturereal-time and historic adversary activity from important, evasive, andemerging threats.Summary of Role:Lay the foundation: research, model, and integrate thr