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Softchoice Corporation Sr. Journey Architect - HIT in Denver, Colorado

Why you'll love Softchoice:We are a technology company that equips organizations to be agile andinnovative, and for their people to be productive, creative and happier atwork. That means moving them to the cloud, helping them build the workplaceof tomorrow, and enabling them to make smarter decisions about theirtechnology portfolio. By doing these things, we create success faster and incircumstances otherwise not possible.We stand proudly for our people and support their success through careerdevelopment and advancement. We are recognized and respected for our cultureof inclusion and belonging, continuously striving to do what's good forour people and communities.The impact you will have:As a Sr. Journey Architect - Hybrid IT, you will challenge customers tobuild agile infrastructures in today's Hybrid-IT world through cloudadoption and data center transformation.Most people in your circle don't really know what you do for a living. Ifonly they could be a fly on the wall when you walk into a room of seasonedcloud and data center professionals, listen, observe and then whiteboardideas and options that they may not have considered with their technicalinitiaOk, let's face it, you would have lost most of them at "datacenter"! That's ok - we know exactly what you can do. You have beenthere when projects have gone wrong as you were likely the person called on byothers to explain what could have been done differently and now have theopportunity to re-architect future options.Your expertise is something to be in awe of and quite frankly, our salesteam will be clamoring for your time to get you in front of their customers.Your "techy" friends consider you a strong technologist with a deepunderstanding of cloud and data center architectures. Together you tradestories on innovative solutions you have mapped out and some of the pitfallsyou know of that can derail some of the best-planned projects.We know you know how to make a difference! We want to provide you the canvasto display your ideas and proven successes and help make a difference for ourcustomers.What you'll do:* The strategic cloud roadmaps or initiatives that really move the needle withour customers.* Bridging the gap between business outcomes and IT initiatives.* Alignment between the customers of IT and cloud solutions.* The architecture and design of holistic cloud solutions.* Mutual cloud visions that our customers want to embrace and execute upon.* Converged/Hyper Converged Data Center Solutions.* Strategies and technologies around data center modernization, aka theSoftware Defined Data Center.What you'll bring to the table:* See yourself as the complementary CTO (or the advisor to the CxO) withour customers.* Can command the room, but also know when to hold back to observe.* Are inquisitive, asking the right question at the right time. Yourquestions are to provoke thought leadership and enable you to betterunderstand* Can carry a conversation, both on the technical level as well on abusiness level. You can easily translate technical jargon to a non-technicalaudience.* Provide the right insights, boosting the customer's confidence in theirroadmap and our capabilities.* Can envision and whiteboard the journey our customer will be embarked upon.* Can hold people (inside and outside of our organization) accountable fortheir responsibilities and deadlines.* Build bridges between organizations, being the facilitator within thetechnology supply chain.* Understand and can convey where the future of the data center is evolvinginto.* Very strong and in-depth understanding of the major cloud providers such asAmazon, Microsoft, and/or Google.* Very strong understanding of cloud technologies, such as automation,orchestration, cloud management, DevOps, (Big) Data (Science),Security, Portability, micro segmentation.* Strong and in-depth understanding of data center technologies(workloads, data bases, operating systems, virtualization, and techinfrastructure).* Strong understanding of