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Sierra Nevada Corporation Principal Flight Software Engineer in Englewood, Colorado

Do you enjoy developing new products and services? Join us! Our SoftwareEngineers work in an agile, collective environment. You will be using yourskills Are you a bold thinker? We dream big at Sierra NevadaCorporation-advocating the exploration of space, keeping service memberssafe and creating the systems that keep our world united and sustain our wayof living. Join our team! As a mission design engineer, you will performthe modeling and simulation of multi-domain space mission architectures(launch vehicles, spacecraft, and sensors), as well as analyze awide variety of solutions to meet our customer's mission need. You will havegreat latitude to be creative, conceiving and testing various approaches todetermine which is best suited to meet technical and programmatic objectives.You will work across our engineering product teams to recommend candidateapproaches that support the objectives, operational concepts and interfacesat the mission, segment, system, and sub-system levels. You willidentify key performance parameters and constraints to enable mission successaAt SNC's Space Systems Group (SSG) we are not only the creator of theDream Chaser spacecraft, but also the designer and manufacturer of rocketengines and components, systems that sustain life in deep space, as wellas systems and satellites that improve life here on Earth. The work of ourSpace Systems team not only supports the U.S. government (includingNASA), but also commercial customers and international organizations.Job Description:As a Flight Software Engineer at SNC, your primary responsibility will bedesigning, developing, and flight and simulation software and algorithmssolutions for testbests and spacecraft missions for both civilian and DoDapplications. These designs stem from understanding, analyzing andevaluating satellite and constellation capabilities, mission concepts, andsystem requirements. Your work will ensure we meet customer requirements bymaking data-driven decisions in architecting, planning, building andtesting the design in a testbed prototype and subsequent delivery of the endproduct. Along the way, you will build tools and contribute to analyses ofvarious architectures that include space vehicles, satellites, sensors,communications, and ground infrastructure; evolving or creating newapproaches based on analysis results. You will also contribute to evaluatingthe mission effectiveness of the candidate approaches, balancing missionobjectives against factors such as development and lifecycle costs.This candidate will have experience with all portions of the software lifecycle (concept development, requirements definition, design,development, testing, and deployment). The Software Engineerparticipates in the design and development of flight software to supportongoing and future small satellite programs. This individual must have astrong working knowledge of object-oriented design using the C and C++languages, and must have a strong background in deploying and testing flightcode on embedded processors. The ideal candidate will have recent experiencewith at least one real-time operating system (such as VxWorks), and befamiliar with both asymmetric and symmetric multiprocessing architectures. Thecandidate must also be comfortable working in an Agile Scrum environment.The Software Engineer reports to the Software Architect and works in concertwith the Project Engineer and lead functional engineers in execution of theprogram. The Software Engineer is responsible for the decomposition ofrequirements, development of the concept of operations, and design,build, integrate, test, and maintenance of the flight software. Alsoexpected is maintaining appropriate performance measures, constructingmeaningful demonstrations, executing internal research and development. TheSoftware Engineer supports programs from the early phases of program capturethrough integration and test and operations. The Software Engineer willdevelop intimate knowledge of the product tec