Charter Communications/Spectrum ISP Engineer Intern in Grand Junction, Colorado

THE PROGRAMNetwork Operations (NetOps) is dedicated to the quality, reliability andintegrity of the network systems that allow us to serve our customers. Hereyou will be working with bright minds that are the power behind the servicesthat Charter provides.It's a great time to join the Charter Communications NetOps team. Jump inand make your mark on high profile projects and plans. Take advantage ofaccess to our online learning platforms and mentorship program to grow yourskills exponentially.JOB SUMMARYAssist Inside Plant personnel with basic troubleshooting, support andmaintenance of network elements and connections required to supportCharter's revenue generating networks. Work to provide enterprise-widetiered support on converged distribution and access network elements andconnections as needed. This includes the installation, operation andbreak-fix remediation, with root cause analysis of all equipment associatedwith the Headend (HE),MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES * Assist with monitor services for quality delivery assurance. * Under supervision operate a spectrum analyzer to verify optimum levelsand performance leaving ones ISP Facility. * Perform all required Performance Testing as needed. * Follow Did I? checklist and perform daily checks to ensure ISPEquipment functionality. * Assist with ensuring the facility is a clean, safe work environment. * Under supervision maintain awareness of network activities affectinglocal elements. * Assist with Troubleshoot video * Under supervision perform network problem resolution. * Troubleshoot communication architectures, topologies, hardware,software, transmission and signaling links and protocols. Basic set up andoperation of legacy headend equipment including but not limited to RFdistribution, signal processors, modulators, demodulators, IRD's and IRT's. * Install Ethernet cabling - follow proper engineering practices for thepreparation, routing and termination of CAT 5 and/or CAT 6 cabling. * Under supervision install coaxial cabling - follow proper engineeringpractices for the preparation, routing and termination of coax and mini-coaxapplications. * Under supervision install fiber cabling - follow proper engineeringpractices for the preparation, routing and termination of various types offiber connectors in both multi-mode and single mode applications. * Under supervision install, align and troubleshoot earth station feedassemblies. * Under supervision install and align various types of off-air antennasfor VHF and UHF television and radio reception. * Under supervision install, test and maintain optical passive devicesincluding patch panels, optical couplers, mux/demux and filtersutilizing appropriate optical connector handling and cleaning procedures. * Under supervision Install, maintain, and perform testing andrequired documentation of emergency alert systems. * Perform and properly document with guidance all required CharterEngineering and FCC mandated PoPtesting. * Adhere to industry specific local, state, and federalregulations, as applicable. * Maintain required logs, records and other documentation in compliancewith company and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) technicalrequirements * Under supervision perform HE and facility Technical Quality Assurance(TQA) inspections; ensure all cabling, equipment installation, powerand cooling is in compliance with corporate TQA standards. * Under supervision maintain and support protocol compatibilitystandards, develops and implements network enhancements. * Under supervision work on projects / systems / issues of basic tomoderate complexity surrounding network planning, configuration andoptimizatio * Under supervision utilize ISP Workforce management tools * Under supervision perform analog and digital RF channel levelmeasurement and quality testing. * Assist with period test equipment and quality of signal throughout th