Aims Community College Webmaster in Greeley, Colorado

Days and hours are Monday - Friday 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Due to events anddeadlines, a varied work schedule may be required. This schedule may containwork during evenings or weekends. Paid monthly.Requirements:Associate s degree in Computer Information Systems plus three (3) yearsexperience with Web design or similar internet related functions including Webpage design and deployed applications (HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, NET,Photoshop, Illustrator, FrontPage, JAVA Script, Access), cascadingstyle sheets, server-side programming (JSP, SQL, PHP), WebGraphics and programming to automate functionality, Windows applications(Oracle, SQL Server, SQL, PHP), and technology plug-ins; orequivalent combination of education and/or experience. A background check willPreferred:Bachelor s degree in Computer Information Systems, WebDesign, or similar web related fields, OR equivalent combination ofeducation and experience.Five (5)+ years of experience in working with the design andmaintenance of web pages required, including working with a variety ofdisciplines, web protocols, and software tools.Graphic layout and design skills very useful.Demonstrated abilities and samples of original work produced are essential.The Webmaster provides strategic and technical expertise for building a stateof the art web presence for internal and external use. This position requiresstrong technical skills in a variety of programming languages and excellentinterpersonal skills in order to effectively and constructively work withfaculty and staff in the realization of their web communications goals. Thisposition will also recommend, design and manage appropriate use and otherstandards with respect to all areas of the web presence.Duties and Responsibilities:1. Web page Functionality:Works with Programmer Analysts to ensure efficient and secure linkages withother software systems, especially with the Banner System. Examples includeprojects such as Student Web Registration and access to State mandated recordsand reports. Works with Technical Analysts to ensure efficient design andimplementation so as to not create undue network utilization requirementsthrough usage of web pages. Ensures software and network security andreliability considerations are incorporated into content and functional designand operational characteristics.2. Utilizes advanced HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, Cascading StyleSheets, Server-side Programming (JSP, SQL, PHP, etc.),Technology Plug-Ins and other advanced programming techniques to build astate-of-the-art, effective and efficient web presence. Continually monitorsand reviews the Aims website for the purpose of ensuring technical andinternal standards are met, links and functions operate properly, and thepages efficiently serve internal and external clients. Assists departments andfaculty/staff members in the design and standards appropriate to their ownweb pages, meeting graphic, branding, and copyright and Aims standards/ procedu3. Web Development:Meets with Executive Director CPIO, staff and faculty committees andindividuals for the purpose of understanding what forms of web presence areneeded, including review of content and operational aspects of the intendedweb page. Includes an ability to work cooperatively with all appropriateindividuals and committees (e.g. Student Services, Marketing, etc.)for using Web standards/procedures to ensure highest quality, accurate,and efficient portrayal of Aims to all current and potential stakeholders.Works with College Internal Auditors, Contract Administration, Disabilityservices personnel, and Legal Representatives to ensure content andrepresentations are accurate and appropriate with regards to Aims policies,practices, and procedures as well as copyright and intellectual property rights4. Responsible for providing training in the development and management of Webresources and methods used by other Aims employees. This would includebuilding prototypes or models for departments and/or faculty to use in