Donatech Senior Engineer – FPGA & Digital Design in Westminster, Colorado

Job Description

  • Verify designs (including SOC architectures utilizing soft-core processors, digital filters, image processing algorithms, and communication interfaces/protocols), design and implement test benches and test plans for both chip-level and system level environments, and create reusable verification environments that can be used across multiple projects.

  • Work in System Verilog/UVM environment platform and be responsible for generating FPGA verification plan, verification matrix and coming up with verification environments for test and verification of flight FPGA code/modules.

  • Work collaboratively and in tandem with FPGA design engineers and embedded software engineers.

  • Span the gap between FPGA system verification and embedded software development.

  • Maintain a regular and predictable work schedule.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships within the department, the Strategic Business Units, Strategic Support Units and the Company. Interact appropriately with others in order to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Perform other duties as necessary.